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Try the enzyme Serrapeptase to combat inflammation!

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Hey,  I just had a birthday! Thank you guys for all the amazing messages! I was just speaking with a pal about how to feel good in your body at any age and two the things I’m diligent about taking daily is a probiotic and the digestive enzyme Serrapeptase.
This enzyme been commonly used in other countries for the last 30 years. It helps clear the body of inert protein based substances like cysts, scars, mucous and plaque in the arteries! It’s over the counter and really helps the body ease inflammation.

A number of  significant number of women have posted youtube testimonials on the enzyme combo of Serrapeptase & Nattokinase with success in fertility issues like vlocked fallopioan tubes. The enzymes don’t directly affect hormones or the frequency of eggs etc… rather they go round and clean up the body making the uterus a more hospitable place for a viable pregnancy.
Rather than right a long footnote ridden post, I’m encouraging you to do you own research! Google Serrapeptase & fibroids or Fallopian tube,  or plaque, arteries etc. In other words googles Serrapeptase + your ailment and see if it might be of use to you.

don’t sleep on products that work without toxic side effects! Like did you know  fresh beet juice works just as well for high blood pressure as most prescription meds without all the side effects?! Google it. There’s lots of remedies out there if you’ve the wherewithal to do some digging. If you’re on other meds check with your doctor first of course, if they don’t know about this enzyme, school them!

Check out #HealthLabsNutraSerrapeptase on FB for more info as well!  On  Amazon

Stay healthy! xx Rachel