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Support #SupportThePuff

This week in The bahamas a girl was threatened with suspension from school for wearing  her natural hair in super cute afro puffs.  That’s a country  full of kinky coily puffy haired black girls, yet the school’s principal told NB12 News that the girl was reprimanded because her natural hair looked “untidy and unkempt.”

It’s 2016, people it’s time to #SupportThePuff

Racism, not fashion,  dictates that hair growing out of of my head, of its own accord in its natural state be  considered wild, unkempt, unprofessional or unrefined.

Of course, people have the right to wear whatever hair style they desire, natural, straightened, weaves etc,  (I personally love curly clip in hair for work)  You do you, BUT-

European standards of beauty when applied to POC are a uniform,  a tool of integration into mainstream ie white society.  Over time or maybe right after Madame Walker’s  first relaxer hit the shelf,  American black culture by and large adopted this standard amongst ourselves. The over ‘k’ontoured, flat ironed images that have super saturated TV & the web for the last bit of time… have not helped.

“Let’s face it,  it’s people of color who criticize each others spotty edges and prize ones ability to get the hair to ‘lay flat’ the loudest”

And this paradigm sucks. Recently I’ve seen  elementary kids with weaves. In my opinion this is damaging their scalps and their self esteem to no end. Many times after shooting something for tv,  I’d unclip the hair, peel off the lashes and wash away the smoke and mirrors makeup job…  I’d often feel inadequate, unattractive… and I’m a grown adult whose has years of therapy which at least theoretically gives me the  ability to process thoughts like this. What happens to the psyche of a young girl subjected to these standards?

“I once had a shrink tell me I couldn’t go to auditions always looking like Phyllis Diller.  so I fired them”

We are People of color, we are beautiful as is, from our head to our toes.  Now go watch Chris Rocks film Good Hair & go to bed!



Here’s a link to an interview with the actual teen. http://ianthia-smith.com/beauty/she-made-me-feel-ugly-teen-at-center-of-natural-hair-controversy-speaks-out/