Holidays Health!

Happy Holidays!
If your traveling don’t forget to pack your probiotics & prebiotics especially if you’re planning on indulging in holiday treats.
Prebiotics are certain fiber foods that feed the good bacteria in your stomach & colon, you need those to have a healthy system & they help avoid yucky stuff like colon cancer.
I love Tiger Nuts, which aren’t a nut, but rather a tuber, for prebiotic fiber. They’re apparently what compromised 90% of an actual Paleo humans diet. You didn’t think Paleo humans actually chowed down as much meat as they’re pushing in the current paleo diet, did you?! Tiger nuts are slightly sweet, very filling, and keep you regular.

Probiotics on the other hand, are good bacteria for human digestion & they are a huge part in the production of hormones like serotonin, which keep you feeling good mentally. Some probiotics need to be refrigerated, but when we’re traveling that’s kinda tough so try a temperature stable kind like Threo Probiotic you can find these on Amazon, great for travel!