460442750-rachel-true-arrives-at-the-chaz-dean-holiday-gettyimagesSometimes I go to parties and hold things. Hope 2015 is feeling good on ya.


A few  years ago I found myself laid up after a health thing. One day I seriously  didn’t recognize my own reflection. After a lot of mental retraining … ie learning how not to emotional eat or eating for ‘entertainment’… quitting cigs, dairy, eggs… physical training w/ a trainer at first, then on my own.  I’ve managed to get  my body healthier than it’s ever been. If I can do it, anyone can, & it feels great to have let go of some vices.

I’ve see the human body to be an astounding machine with fantastical regeneration powers. And on the pure vanity tip a great side effect of eating clean real food,  is it takes years off your ‘age clock’ the 100% natural way!

I’d love to share some of the things I’ve learned, but don’t worry, it’s not all crunchy granola, I’ve discovered youtube make tutorials and can’t wait to get into those… I’m not even talking contouring… well I am but… Let’s focus on where are you all going with your faces that done?!?! I’m an actress &  felt mortified going to the grocery  straight from set, with fake lashes & clip on hair, till I realized the check out girl was more done up than me. What gives? I’m not into hours long primping. Like I will use my fingers to put on eyeshadow. But thank you youtube vloggers for introducing me to the term ‘hit pan’.